Open Concept Homes In Decline

Dated: July 16 2020

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2020 has been a challenging year, and as many people have spent more time at home it has led to some thinking about what the future of homes may look like. Here are a few of the reasons according to HGTV why open-concept homes are projected to decline in the coming years...

1. Noise Travel 

As we all know, noise travels and is absored by surfaces, so if there are no walls to absorb the sound, it will flow to whicever ear is present. This means the hums from kitchen appliances, television or kids can be challenging especially as more people are working from home (or will need to be prepared to work from home) during an outbreak. 

2. Less Privacy

Having an open concept living room can bring everyone togehter and create a fun and bustling environment, but it can also reduce the amount of privacy. Having the living room, dining room and kitchen as one extended space means it may be difficult to watch that interesting documentary while dinner is being prepared. 

3. Lack of Coziness

Opening up a home can create a beautiful living space, but if not planned carefully it can also reduce the level of coziness. Having little nookies and crannies adds character and a sense of warmth, which is worth considering when planning an open-concept house. 


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